Rural Solid Waste & Recycling Center


You must be a Washington County Rural Resident in order to dispose of your regular household garbage at NO CHARGE. Proof of residency is required upon request if the facility attendant asks. If you do not meet the requirements you will not be allowed to dispose of your garbage.

There are CHARGES that apply for bulk item disposal;
Miscellaneous full truck - minimum charge, Carpet, Mattress, or Box Springs & Furniture.

Items you may recycle at the center at NO CHARGE are;
Plastics #1 thru #7, Tin & Aluminum cans or containers, Cardboard boxes, Paper including magazines & newspaper, Clear glass, Batteries and Scrap metal.

Items you may recycle at the center for a FEE are;
Appliances, TV's, Computer monitors, Florescent bulbs, Used oil, Electronic items & Tires.

Items We Will Not Accept

Shingles - Ashes - Chemicals - Yard Waste - Railroad Ties - Concrete - Brick - Rock - Dirt - Large Metal Objects such as; Cars - Machinery - Livestock Feeders - Fencing - etc.

We ask that all users of the facility please have your items covered and secured to help keep our county roads and ditches clean.

Please ask the attendant if you have any questions regarding services. Rules & Fees are posted at the Center. 

Closed On The Following Holidays;

New Year's Day - President's Day - Memorial Day - Independence Day - Labor Day - Veteran's Day - Thanksgiving Day & the Friday after - Christmas Day (note: there will be one additional holiday, usually the day before or after Christmas - it will be posted and advertised in the paper.

Contact Us

  1. Lynn Whaley -

    Rural Solid Waste and Recyling Center

    2170 Lexington Blvd
    Washington, IA 52353


    (319) 653-6373

    Hours of Operation

    Monday - Friday

    7:30 AM - 4:00 PM


    7:00 AM - Noon