Weed Commissioner

Duties & Responsibilities

They County Weed Commissioner uses his experience and knowledge to educate landowners about noxious and invasive plants and give recommendations for chemical, cultural or mechanical management. At times, he is required to enter private land to control noxious weeds using County resources, or by hiring a private contractor. The costs of such control are then assessed to the landowner. If the noxious weed is within County, City or State owned land, the responsibility to manage those weeds falls upon the jurisdiction owning the land. If the noxious weed is not managed properly, the County Weed Commissioner, and potentially the County Board of Supervisors, can become involved. If the infestation is still left unresolved, the County Attorney or the State Weed Commissioner will become involved to work towards a resolution.

Per the Board of Supervisors, the weed commissioner shall perform the powers and duties of County Weed Commissioner during the appointed time period beginning May 1st and ending September 15th, as noxious weeds can effectively be destroyed during this period of time.

Iowa Code 317; Iowa Noxious Weed Law View

For more information please go to the Iowa Weed Commissioners Association