Marriage Applications

Marriage license applications may be completed in person at the Recorder’s office with the 2 parties intending to marry and 1 witness who is acquainted with both parties.  All 3 must be at least 18 years old and will need to have state-issued, current photo identification.  If the applicants are unable to apply in the office, the application can be completed elsewhere, signatures notarized and then returned or mailed to the recorder’s office with the $35.00 fee.

The county of application does not have to be the same as the county where the marriage ceremony takes place.  The License to Marry is valid only for marriage ceremonies in Iowa.
Following the ceremony, once the Certificate of Marriage has been returned by the officiants to the Recorder’s Office and placed on record, a certified copy will be mailed to the couple.

Marriage Officiants

Marriages may be performed by leaders of a religious faith and judges serving in Iowa.  If you have questions regarding being married by a Magistrate in the courthouse please contact the Clerk of Court at 319-653-7741.
There is a 3-day waiting period (the day of application is not counted) from the time the completed application is filed to the time the license is valid and available to be picked up.  If the license is not picked up from the Recorder’s office within 6 months from the date of application, the application is considered null and void.

Application Received - Valid
     Monday                                    Friday
     Tuesday                                    Saturday
     Wednesday                              Sunday
      Thursday                                  Monday
      Friday                                       Tuesday


Q: "I have been married before. Do I need to show/bring divorce papers when I apply for a marriage license?"
 A:  No.  Divorce papers are not required; your witness is stating you are not married at this time.
 Q: "Do we need Social Security cards?"
 A:  No, only government issued photo ID's ie: driver's license.
 Q: "Does Iowa require a blood test?"
 A:  No.
 Q: " Do we have a time limit to get married after we receive the license?"
 A:  The license does not expire; once it is picked up it is good forever in the State of Iowa.