Donations, Memorials & Volunteers

All donations, be they land, cash, memorials, labor, or other are tax deductible and are truly appreciated! If you or someone you know would consider donating or volunteering to the Washington County Conservation Board (WCCB), please contact us!

Many of the Washington County Conservation Board's facilities are made possible through donation. Past donations have included land, money, equipment, and services. Land donations have included:
  • Hayes Timber
  • Kewash Nature Trail
  • Marr Park
  • Portion of the English River Wildlife Area
  • Statler Woods
Donations can also be gifted through our non-profit foundation.

At Marr Park, the WCCB maintains a memorial tree planting along the south edge of the campground as well as other places. This planting is used to provide a living memorial for loved ones. Other persons have chosen to provide memorials in the forms of playground equipment, picnic tables, bird feeders, benches, and a host of other ways.

Many WCCB programs involve volunteer assistance. These volunteers may actually give part or all of a program, or may work "behind the scenes" by doing things such as seating people, helping with refreshments, or even helping with construction of some of our facilities.