The Washington County Sheriff's Office Investigator is Sergeant Chad Ellis. He is responsible for the investigation of major felony cases and supervising patrol officer's investigations. Investigators work during normal business hours, but are also expected to respond to major cases 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Typical Investigations

Typical investigations can include:
  • Exploitation of children
  • Homicides
  • Major felonies
  • Robberies
  • Serious assaults (including but not limited to, shootings and stabbings)
  • Sexual assault / abuse
  • Suspicious deaths

Complex Investigations

These officers focus on complex and more in depth investigations that require dedicated time, resources and abilities. These types of situations require time commitments that the patrol officers are not able to provide without sacrificing patrol obligations. Trials for these types of incidents are long, complex, and highly publicized. They require close coordination with prosecutors and victim advocates. Investigators, in many instances, are the voice of the victim.

Processing Crime Scenes

Investigators also have the responsibility of processing and photographing major crime scenes. These officers are responsible for maintaining the Sex Offender Registry and conducting public notifications of at risk sex offenders.

Liaison Assistance
They also provide liaison and assistance to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Johnson County Drug Task Force, other law enforcement agencies and Iowa Department of Human Services.