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Clemons Creek Shooting and Archery Range

Subfacility of Clemons Creek Wildlife & Recreation Area


Clemons Creek Shooting & Archery Range Rules and Regulations


  1. Pit Toilets
  2. Shooting & Archery Range

The Clemons Creek Shooting Range offers 25, 50, and 100 yard ranges and a clay target range. The site is perfect for sighting in your gun or practicing your aim. The range is open to anyone certified to use it. An Archery Range is also available next to the shooting range. Permanent bag targets are on site for your use. Certification is also required for this range.

The shooting range is open from sunrise to sunset. All peace officers, certified range officers, hunter safety instructors, and persons certified by the WCCB may use the range. Contact the Education Center Coordinator at (319) 657-2400 for information on receiving shooting and archery range certification.


Paper and cardboard are the only forms of targets allowed on the shooting range. Trash cans are not provided and range users are expected to remove all targets, shell casings, boxes, patches, and disc primers when finished.