What happens if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident?
First of all any and all injuries are looked after. If we are unsure if there are any injuries in an accident we always have the ambulance start toward the scene. If we find that no one is injured we then collect information about the accident. This includes information about the drivers and passengers and the motor vehicles that they were driving. Information about each driver is written out and exchanged with the other driver of the other vehicles. This is done so that if the total amount of property damage exceeds $1000 each driver will have the information needed to fill out his or her form. Finally the officer will make a determination if and who is at fault in the accident. Once fault is determined a citation will be issued to the violating driver. Once that is done each driver should report the accident to his or her own insurance company.

Please remember, you must have insurance on your vehicle to drive it or at least be able to prove financial responsibility. If you have failed to supply information about anyone of the 2 you are subject to a written citation for driving a motor vehicle with out insurance. The cost of this fine is very high and is easily avoided.

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